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New perspectives for computer technology and automation


For more that 20 years DSA has been specialized in industrial and on-board data processing, automation, supervision and electrical engineering. Therefore, DSA has acquired a very significant expertise in areas as diverse as industry, agriculture, water management, hydrology, meteorology and metrology ...


Known for its innovative sense, DSA is a member of DREAM, which has been labeled as a competitive reference in environmental technology.


eVigilance, the perfect tool to monitor the natural environment changing features

Need an easy to install system which operates in almost all kinds of natural environments and which is also autonomous in energy and data transmission? For more information click here.

eVigilance River : real time flood warning system. 

Sometimes water can have disastrous consequences. To find out how eVigilance River can protect your territory click here.

eVigilance Irrigation : irrigation system management.

Water is a rare resource and you wish to optimize your irrigation system. To find out how eVigilance Irrigation can help you click here.


eVigilance Agri : Detection system of frost periods and mildew.

Save money on your mildew treatments with eVigilance Agri. To find out more click here



eVigilance CS : water leak detection system on drinking water networks.

Water is a scarce resource, no need to waste it. To find out how eVigilance CS can quickly detect leaks in your distribution system, click here


eVigilance Alerte : early warning system of the population.

Annually, the entire world is faced with the devastating effects of catastrophes. Early warning systems of the population can save lives. For more information,   click here.

Water - Environment

Remote support, management of sewage and drinking water treatment plants, water supply and distribution, automation for dams, locks and movable bridges, qualitative and quantitative water analysis (PH, dissolved oxygen, cyanobacteria...), flood warnings and support during low water level incidents. For more information click here.


You want customised solutions for...your engines recipe, monitoring the performance of your industrial equipment and also of human resources (APAC system), traceability, dosing and weighing, testbeds, building automation and supervision, retrofitting of your machines ... we do. For more information click here.