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Early warning systems for disasters


Disasters cause annually the death of thousands of people around the world. Early warning of the population in case of danger is essential to safe their lives.
DSA developed eVigilance Alerte as an early warning system, especially designed to worn the population whenever a danger arrives.

        Operating characteristics :

  • The warning system is emitted by a siren, operated by a remote web platform or via a local housing
  • The siren can produce different sounds at different intensities depending on the type of the alert
  • eVigilance Alerte is completely independent in terms of energy, it doesn't need any wiring and gets its energy via solar panels
  • Regarding the communication means, the combination of two systems, GPRS and Iridium ensures the transmission and the installation of the station anywhere in the world, whatever the climate conditions or the state of the infrastructure would be.


  • The station is by nature designed to be tamper-proof
  • From one station you can lunch many others
  • The siren sounds are customizable according to your needs
  • The installation is fast (1 to 2 days), on a concrete slab or on a roof of a building. The stations are designed to withstand winds up to 240km/h.

        Strengths :

  • Waterproof (IP 68 standard), for a guarantee of performance in any conditions

  • Independent energy supply (lithium-ion battery)

  • Independent data transmission (GSM, GPRS)

, DSA has already installed around fifty eVigilance Alert
stations in the Republic of Haiti where the number of disasters is important.