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Christian Dior Perfums, St Jean de Braye (45) : Production platform

Projet description :

Electrification and control command of three identical installations, each consisting of three tanks. Areas of operations are classified at risk of explosion (ATEX). Each installation is driven by a controller that manages the actuators and by a PC equiped with software supervision, recipe management application and reports execution system. Each installation is independent of the others. On the contrary, the same automation components are used.  The control system is used to manage the washing recipe and the sanitation.

DSA services :

  • Functional analysis and execution of operating grafcets
  • Folder creation of ATEX loops calculation
  • Electrical folder (diagram, classification, ATEX tracking equipment)
  • Recipe and control / command application development 
  • Development of the supervision application
  • Supplies: metrology, instrumentation and control cabinets, wiring, automatic configuration, computer configuration
  • Platform testing  and joint reception at our offices
  • On-site technical monitoring
  • Commissioning : unit testing cycles, timing control loops, validation module recipe
  • Assistance for the production rise
  • Training for the maintenance staff and operators
  • Documentation